Innovation Technology


SJM has moved with the forefront of the industry into the utilisation of 3D design software packages such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks as well as keeping with the low cost traditional 2D design software packages.

By doing this we can provide a tailored solution for each project opportunity dependant on specific project requirements.

With the integration of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process within our company culture and processes we can provide 3D modelling and coordination of services and structure faster and more accurately. The use of Revit enables SJM to be integrated in a projects design workflow…. the end result being the most ideal design solution!

The SJM team is committed to and has a proven record of delivering high quality documentation from concept design through to Facilities Management systems integration. 

SJM can also provide project design management services for new and existing projects by undertaking coordination of services models and ensuring the project specific BIM requirements are met. 

SJM has continuous involvement within the BIM industry, and the team are regularly attending conferences and events around the country such as presenting at the BrisBIM events and Revit Technology Conferences.


SJM are committed to providing our clients with better solutions where deemed suitable, even if current standards and codes are non-permitting of such systems, we endeavour to design systems that meet the performance criteria and provide that alternative solution which would benefit the project.

New innovations which enter the market are always researched and considered by us for their suitability for projects. We invest in this research and development continuously.

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